Back2Basics the old school dance music vinyl show on RTE Pulse (16th April, 2014),

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Barn Dance an old school dance music festival Wicklow

Born to be in a barn

As usual tonight’s show was choc full of old school dance music classics, as well as updates on new releases and events around Dublin. It includes our preview of this Friday’s Barn Dance festival, including an interview with Greg Dowling of dance music stalwarts Fish Go Deep. They’re long time producers and DJs, most famous in Ilreand for Sir Henry’s nightclub and their international club and chart hits such as “The Cure And The Cause”, which they did with vocalist Tracey K.Aslo tonight we mentioned a great new compilation by classic rave record label Suburban Records, the album by Hardfloor and how Simon has been talked into doing a jungle set next week for The Energy Collective.

Don’t forget this Saturday Record Store Day, check out the Record Store Day website. T...

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Back2Basics, Ireland’s old school dance music vinyl show – 9th April, 2014.

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Temper Temper “It’s All Outta Lovin’ You” – sung by a young and perky Melanie Williams, who’s famous for strutting her bits in a pair of pigtails with Sub Sub for ‘Ain’t No Love’.

Joe Smooth “Promised Land” (Club Mix) – the Chicago house classic.

Sara Parker “My Love Is Deep” (Sharp Vocal Mix) – her ‘love’ is deep and who are we to argue.

NY’s Finest feat Victor Simonelli & DJ Duke “Feel Me” (VS Club Mix) – later sampled by The Love Decade on their 1992 track “I Feel You”.

Electribe 101 “Talking With Myself 98″ (Canny 12” Vocal) – beautifully sung by unmistakable voice of Billie Ray Martin.

Tonight’s Future Classic: The Information Society “Running” (Calderone Leather Mix) – Great remix of the late eighties electro band, which from 2001 is almost genuinely old school itself.

Rising Hig...

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Tribute to Frankie Knuckles – 2nd April, 2014.

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Franke Knuckles godfather of house.

THE Godfather of house.

This week it was all about one man – Frankie Knuckles. Few people played such an important role in the growth of dance music than Frankie. He is one of the true originators of house music. He bridged the gap between disco and modern dance music. He invented house music when he started to edit his own tracks to be played at The Warehouse club in Chicago. The phrase was coined in 1981 a full seven years before it made its way across The Atlantic to The Hacienda.

Frankie died earlier this week at the age of only 59, appartently due to the Type II Diabetes that he had suffered from for some time. It happened only two days after playing London’s famous Ministry Of Sound night club. Imagine being there for one of his last sets.  You can read more background here or Goog...

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The night I let the music use me.

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 Frankie Knuckles DJ

I have never ever written an article on this blog. Not a proper article anyway. It’s simply been used to outline track lists for the Back2Basics show and provide links to the RTE Player. It seems fitting then that the first time that it’s used properly is to pay tribute to Frankie Knuckles.

Today, when I heard Frankie Knuckles has died, I finally realised how lots of people felt when Michael Jackson died. To kids of the acid house era of the late 80s and early 90s, Knuckles was as big, if not bigger than Michael Jackson. I never interviewed Frankie, but was hoping to the next time he was in Ireland, and I’ve never met him, but his music influenced my life in ways that I can only think compares to how Bob Dylan influenced my parents in the sixties. 

In many ways the acid house revolutio...

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Back2Basics 26th March, 2014. Ireland’s old school dance music (edm) radio show

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Back2Basics is Ireland only national vinly show. Airing each Wednesday at 11pm we play the best old school dance music (edm). From the dawn of dance music to the late nineties it’s an elclectic mix of disco, funk, electroc, house, rave, techno and trance.

This week’s show went from the bizarre to the ridiculous musically. Starting with Rob Dougan’s haunting ‘Furious Angels’ to Junior Vasquez’s first outing on vinyl as Ellis D, with his tribute to disco belle Loleatta Holloway, where a clearly horny Holloway trash talks to her audience about how they should be having sex with their men.

With records spanning from 1987 to 2002, which is almost like brand new for us, we hope you enjoy this week show. Which, as ever, was done live using the 12″ vinly records.


Rob D ‘Furious Angels’

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Back2Basics Andrew Weatherall Special

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Andrew Weatherall

Tonight’s show was very special as we interviewed a true electronic dance music legend, none other than Andrew Weatherall, when he DJ’d at The Twisted Pepper in Dublin recently. The DJ, producer and artist changed the face of dance music forever, during the acid house era, when he produced the renowned ‘Screamadelic’ album by Primal Scream. This album was a new line in the sand, which many musicians would attempt to cross and which none managed to surpass. It was the first time a former rock band had embraced the new brand of dance music that was sweeping the UK at the dawn of the rave era. This ecstasy-fueled psychedelic cocktail of dance music, samples and Primal’s guitar riffs was shocking, uplifting and damn right exhilarating...

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Back2Basics – Mark Archer (Altern 8 interview) 12.3.2014

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Mark-Archer Altern 8

Mark Archer Altern 8

Tonight’s show is all about Altern 8 and saw the demise of my beloved Infiltrate 202 12″. The silver vinyl gave up it’s rave ghost near the end of show, but after 24 years during which time it has taken a considerable hammering, it’s fair enough to say that I got my money’s worth from the £2.99 bargain from Woolworths.

It’s my favourite Altern 8 track and one that will be expensive to replace. It was being played as part of our Mark Archer special. The rave stalwart was in Dublin recently to DJ at a Big Dish Go gig. Simon was despatched to his hotel to shoot the breeze with him on all things rave and acid house. Mark is true gent and a thoroughly nice and accomodating guy as all the old rave heads are that we’ve met.

He’s probably answered these questions and told t...

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This week’s old schooltastic Back2Basics on RTE Pulse

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I normally put the tracklist for the show together on Monday or Tuesday, but by Wednesday night I’m often in a totally different mood for my music. We were going to old school breakbeat and rave, but on the night opted for a more progressive house vibe. We started with some classic Northern Souls and disco, then hit up some rare dub versions of clasics before going full on 90s progressive. Ending with bit of Hungarian techno and a finale of a rave classic from Finitribe. Next week we have our interview with Mark Archer or Altern 8, the week after we’ve Andrew Weatherall and then Mike Skinner of The Streets; it’s all happening on Ireland’s only all-vinyl old school show.

We hope you like it.

The track list in all its vinyl glory:

The Jackson Sisters ‘I Believe In Miracles’

Change ‘Angel In ...

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Back2Basics on RTE Pulse 26.2.2014 – Ireland’s old school vinyl show

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Here’s the latest show. Chock full on the usual Wednesday night fare i.e. 100% stonking classics. To listen back please click the link below:!type=radio&rii=23%3A10255260%3A16585%3A26%2D02%2D2014%3A.

Here’s the track list:

Bomb The Bass ‘Winter In July’ (Cosmic Jammer Club Mix)

Patti Day “Right before My Eyes”

Candese ‘You Took My Love’ (Earth Mix) [by Future Sound Of London]

Art Of Mix ‘Master Brass’

S-Bam ‘I Want My Freedom’

Feedback Max feat TT ‘Float’ [TT = The Thompson Twins]

Unit 93 ‘Trust No One’

2 For Joy ‘In A State’ (Mixed Emotion)

Rhythm Of Life ‘Touch Me’

Jinny ‘Keep Me Warm’

Rhythm Foundation ‘Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home’

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19th Feb, 2014 – Back2Basics on RTE Pulse – the old school vinyl show.

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Tonight’s show was a smooth blend of vocal house, deep house, to progressive house and included one of the greatest piano tracks of all time.  Enjoy.

The Sounds Of Blackness ‘The Pressure Classic Mix’ (Jimmy Gram and Terry Lewis produced. From album The Evolution Of Gospel which, won a Grammy in 1991

Sade ‘Pearls’ (Todd Terry White Label Bootleg Remix) Original from the album Love Deluxe 1992. This is 1994 bootleg that was never released, though it was covererd by Surreal on 6X6 records that same year. 

Faze Action ‘In The Trees’ (Original) 1996. There was a great remix done by Carl Craig 2007 to mark Juno Records’ 10th Anniversary.

X-Press-2 ‘London X-Press’ (The Journey Continues) by legendary producer Ashley Beadle from 1993...

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