“(I Wanna Give You) Devotion” Back2Basics 23rd July, 2014.

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Nightcrawlers MK mixes

Contains the original Dub Of Doom mix from 1992

Being this into old school dance music takes devotion, especially when pretending to hold down a full-time job. I hadn’t heard Nomad’s (I Wanna Give You) Devotion for ages until this week and had forgotten how great it is. Lots of tracks around 1990 had UK rappers alongside female vocalists; some of them were terrible but some of them worked really well. Jazz & The Brother Grimm’s ‘Casanova’ is a great example as is Nomad’s most famous record. The track was given a new lease of life in 2006 by the Groove Diggerz, so the young audience should all recognise it.

As it’s quite balmy at the moment the show took on a Balearic holiday vibe. To me nothing somes up classic Ibiza than Orchestra JB’s “Free Spirit” from 1990...

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Old school Italo and piano classics from pre-1994

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coloured piano

This week’s show was a musical shot across the bows and the ammunition used was packed with high explosive old school classics. There is a forthcoming old school club night in Dublin that is only playing post-1994 old school tracks. Being an old school raver this  wound me up, as the best years for rave were the early nineties. So, in response, I decided to a do show that only contained pre-1994 records.

I took the piano classics out of the vaults which included the uplifting feel good mood  of Last Rhythm “Last Rhythm”, the techno drenched feast of Digital Orgasm “Moog Eruption”, the Italian dolce vita flavour of Smallage “Together” as well as many more and mother of all Italo house classics Asha’s massive ‘JJ Tribute’ the eulogy to Janis Joplin.

I never normally pack a show with huge ...

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Old School Dance Music Flavours Back2Basics 9/7/2014

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Ejeca dance music future legend


This week was slightly different from our usual old school dance music  fare. We mixed it up with a more modern twist but with records from the last few years that are still true to the old school or which sampled classics.

One of the modern dance music producers that we are really liking is Ejeca. They play The Button Factory this Saturday so we took the opportunity to play two of their great records, which feature old school style breakbeats and piano riffs that wouldn’t have sounded out of place in an early 90′s rave. But we started with Drums of Death with a track that sounds like it could be 808 State “Pacific” and the Meck track that samples Felix and Musique Vs U2 with a brilliant reworking of the pianos on New Year’s Day.


1. Drums of Death “Waves City”


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Old school trance and house classics – 2nd July, 2014 Back2Basics

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Hale Bopp

Comet Hale Bopp 

It’s not often we play Fatboy Slim Remix on this show, but that’s not to say we don’t love him, he can just can be a bit overplayed at times, so we try and go more underground. But, we thought it’s time things changed due to his brilliant remix of Raven Maize, that he did in the early noughties. It is a Joey Negro reworking of Corporation Of One’s classic of the same name; not that they’ll have received any financial benefit from this as the track is basically Simple Minds’s ‘Theme From Great Cities’ with Queen’s vocals from the beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody laid over the top. It sounds like Mr Cook added a bit of a sample from Jamie Principle’s ‘Your Love’ too that he tweaked.

There’s been some great remixes of Everything But The Girl’s 1994 classic ‘Missing’, but pe...

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Balearic old school – Back2Basics 25th June, 2014.

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Cafe Del Mar

Not known for having the best summers on the planet when we do have them in Ireland we like to make the most of it and pretend it’s similar here to Ibiza for a few months on year. It’s blatantly not but that doesn’t stop us pretending it is and there’s no harm making the most of what we get. So this week it was all flip flops and naked DJing in the RTE studios, so we we went all Balearic old school, playing some classic records which bring back memories of lazy days and long nights spent on that magical white isle.


1. Dimitri From Paris ‘Souvenir De Paris’ (this used in the brilliant film Sexy Beast).

2. Jam & Spoon ‘Stella’ (ambient German electronica combined with Spanish guitar).

3. Bomb The Bass ‘The Air You Breathe’ (Smog mix)


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Back2Basics dance music the old schol way 18th June, 2014.

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This week’s show featured our first ever  guest mix. It is from Gerzinio, originally from Liverpool but now residing in Dundalk. True to form the mix was vinyl only and featured electic mix of old school dance music Ger has called Afroacid, which moves from progressive to techno and climaxing with a Chicago house classic. Unfortunately we had to edit the mini mix to fit in the show, but the full mix can be heard via the link at the bottom of the page.

The show started with a Junio Boys Own classic  and included a bit of progressive and trance, finishing the show with a very unique track.


Outrage ‘That Piano Track’

Chicane ‘Be That Lover’

Sunburst ‘Cloudburst’

Man With No Name ‘Sugar Rush’

Guest Mix

Gus Gus ‘Polyesterday’ (Carl Craig Dub)

Slam ‘Positive Education’ (Origional Mi...

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Old School Orbital Special

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Orbital have been called the biggest name in dance music and have a career spanning 25 years. They were the first rave bands to cross over into the charts, the first rave band to have critically acclaimed albums, and the first rave band to translate their music into a live event.

When we heard Phil Hartnoll was coming to Dublin to do an Orbital DJ set we left no stone unturned to get an interview with our man. Subject Events booked him to play a classics’  set in the backroom of the Twisted Pepper. The place was rammed with Orbital fans well up for the night and  knowing all the tracks. He played a great set to a ecstatic audience. We got some  interesting and hilarious vox pops from  the revellers that we played before the interview.

We managed to interview a “pumped up” Phil at 4...

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Back2Basics old school electronic dance music radio 4th June, 2014.

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Greg Wilson DJing at the Garden Party Festival in Croatia using live reel to reel tape.


Tonight’s show had enough vinyl to kill a burglar with. We went from a piano classic, to a garage classic, three great reworkings and pumped things back up with a trio of full on classics

1. The Creative Thieves “Nasty Rhythm” (PKA Mix) – another moniker for The Brothers In Rhythm.

2. Degrees of Motion feat Biti “Don’t You Want it Right Now” (Extended Club Mix)

A&R Edits

A&R Edits are a new record label curated by DJ Greg Wilson. They release high quality vinyl remixes of old school classics, so we thought we’d give some of the best a run out. So no true old school tracks per se, but we couldn’t give a toss as it’s our show and we make up the rules, of which there are none.


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Back2Basics – proper old school (28th May, 2014).

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Tonight’s old school jamboree on RTE Pulse went from the sublime to the ridiculous. Starting with rave, through house classics, old school trance stormers to basically what can only be describeds as a weird but brilliant record.


PKA ‘Temperature Rising” (Music For Masses) – the PK stands for Phil Kelsey, a dance music legend who made many great records with Dave Seaman’s Stress Records. This has one of the greatest of openings of a rave record ever.

Evolution “Jaywalkin” – more producers who are dance music pedrigree. I don’t think they ever made a bad record.

Tin Tin Out featuring Sweet Tee “The Feeling” (Monumental Remix) – includes a fantastic rap sampled over a house stomper.

Sound 5 “The Hacienda Must be Re: ) Built” – echoing what all us old Hacienda heads feel is a must!

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Back2Basics – old school dance music vinyl show 21st May, 2014.

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Bus of life

Bus of life

Tonight we had a hangover. Not in a literal sense, for once, but a musical sense, as we didn’t get to play all the Andy Cato records we wanted to last week. If you missed the show we dedicated to him, including the exclusive interview, then you can catch it here; it’s well worth a listen as we got some great yarns from him.

So to finish this week’s show we played three more of Andy’s belters. But, before them, we played two tracks from other acts that are performing at the Life Festival this weekend: acid house legends LFO and German tech-house god Tensanke (who was this week’s Future Classic).

As ever you can drop us a line on Twitter at @rteback2basics or get us at @simonprepublic or @padraicma...

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