Back2Basics – old school vinyl show 17.9.2014

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Starts off classic Balearic then coasts to old school progressive house and trance.

Bomb The Bass

Bomb The Bass ‘Winter In July’ (Cosmic Jammer Club Mix)

Tim Simeon, the man behind, Bomb The Bass is a true old school legend. He was the first person to really make an impact on the charts using a sampler and home recording equipment. He got to number one all over the world with the acid house classic ‘Beat Dis’, which was recorded entirely in his bedroom in his parents house. The introduction to the show features part of this records and also another one of his big tracks Megablast. Also check Don’t Make Me Wait, in fact check out all his tracks, particularly from the nineties as they were incredible.

Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus ‘Solar Plexus’  http://www.discogs...

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Back2Basics old school dance music radio show on RTE Pulse 10.9.2014

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old school dance music record store

In order to promote the great value second hand record stores we have in Dublin, last night’s radio show was made entirely from second hand old school dance music records that I’d bought earlier in the evening, from Spindizzy Records in Dublin city centre. It’s quite ambitious to mix vinyl live on radio, when you don’t know the records that well and with little practise.  I think did OK though.  I picked up some great old school dance music records. They were mostly trance and progressive house classics from the mid-nineties. Each record was bought for €3.99, which is great value especially when you consider the cost of postage, packaging and PayPal fees you have to stump up for on

When I buy records off I try to restrict myself to bying Near Mint or Mint ...

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Ireland’s old school vinyl show (03/09/2014)

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This week’s show started progessive, with a smidgen of old school house before building up to finish with three trance stormers. It started with a brilliant re-working of Everything But The Girl’s ‘Lullaby Of Clubland’ that Markus Schulz did a year after the German DJ broke onto the dance music scene. It’s not was well known as some of the EBTG’s other tracks, but I think this progressive remix fits Thorn’s vocals perfectly. This was followed by a classic from DJ Sneak with his remix of The Sneaker Pimps.  Over recent years I’ve come to appreciate the self-proclaimed  house gangster’s blend of minimalist house – check out his Babylon Fallin’.

A great track by Fluke gets a run out too; Fluke were seen by many people as  poor man’s Underworld, which I think is uncalled for as their work is...

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Back2Basics 27/8/2014 – old school house and trance music

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Trance music and progressive house were firmly the flavour of last Wednesday’s Back2Basics, the old school dance music show on RTE Pulse, Ireland’s only national dance music station. Back2Basics is produced using only vinyl records and is the only all vinyl show on a state broadcaster anywhere in the world. The shows plays anything from early funk and 70s disco through to house, rave, techo, trance and progressive classics.

We started with a bit of pure summery love from Salt Tank; ‘Pacific Diva’ from the original 1994 12″. Nobody says summer better than Nick Bracegirdle of Chicane, so this track from 2000 was a nice follow up. This was a b-side as was the next version of Crescendo’s ‘Are You Out There’...

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Back2Basics 21st August, 2013 old school dance music classics

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Ten Walls Gotham

Ten Walls – Gotham EP

Being an old school vinyl show in the modern radio world is tricky as there is so much to do and so much that can go wrong. Modern radio is quite slick as everything is done by computer and most presenters have the show’s music, stings and links set out for them automatically. Where DsJ do choose their own music most just have to pull up a digital file; no need to clean them and no worries that they’ll jump. So most presenters can relax and concentrate on presenting as all the music and stings etc are taken care off., which is not the case when you’re playing old school dance music classics on vinyl records. Mixing manually with vinyl takes time, so it means there’s less time for links and interaction with listeners text and social media, but on the plus side it means there’s more music.RTE Pulse is different, most shows a...

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RadiomadeInTenMinutes old school minimix by The Unusual Suspect

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Here’s an old school minimix by The Unusual Suspect done last week for’s successful World Record attempt. The guys spent three days doing the world’s longest ever talk show. They were allowed ten minutes off each hour, which they filled with guest minimixes. Mine was played between 2am and 3am on the last night time, so I’m taking full credit for helping the guys push on through and batter the existing world record into oblivion.

Track List

A remix of an early 70′s film classic, to a rehash of 80′s electro, to a 90′s house bootleg and then mad techno, all in ten minutes.

The Theme From Get Carter – Breakneck 12″ x-rate Dirtbox mix

Arthur Baker vs New Order remixes ’02 – Confusion (Koma Bones vocal version)

Soundsation – Peace & Joy

LMG – Pornography

Here it is:


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13.8.2014 – Back2Basics the old school vinyl show on RTE Pulse.

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The Crystal Method

This was a pre-recorded old school mix done on my turntables at home, hence the robot announcer. Back to me next week I’m afraid.

Track Listing

Todd Terry ‘It’s Over Love’

MK ‘Always’ (Club MIx)

Medway ‘Vibrations (Dub Mix)’

Joe T. Vannelli ‘Don’t Let Go’

Tanita Takaram ‘Twist In My Sobriety (Phil Kelsey Instrumental)

Moonchild ‘V.O.A.T (Variations On A Theme)’

Reflekt feat. Delline Bass ‘Need To Feel Loved’

The Crystal Method ‘Keep Hope Alive (BT’s Creatine Method Mix)’

To listen to last night’s show please click here.

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Back2Basics 6th August, 2014. Old shool trance music classics.

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#trancefamily trance music

After DJ Spiral made things bounce on the show last week I decided to go full on trance for this week’s show. For people not in the know trance can have quite a bad image. Some people judge it on the cheesier end of some of the stuff coming out of Europe, but like any musical genre there are different sub-genres, some less commercial sounding like the other. This misconception has come about due to the size of trance these days. It’s massive and is loved across the world. It wasn’t always like this as it grew from very small beginnings, itself a sub-genre of house.

Most people believe the origins of trance music are from Germany and this is where the first true trance acts came from, but the earliest reference to ‘trance’ in modern dance music is actually the British act The KLF on thei...

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DJ Spiral Gives A Legends Of The Old School DJing Masterclass – Back2Basics 30th July, 2014

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legends of the old school 2

This week was a very special show with DJ Spiral in the studio doing a live vinyl mix, which was a masterclass in how to mix vinyl, the likes of which has not been seen or heard  in RTE for many a year. Some of you may remember Spiral did Ireland proud on Big Brother back in the mid-noughties.  Whilst he flirted with rapping for a while his real passion is DJing and tonight he proved it on RTE’s wheels of steels, giving them a work out like they’ve not a had in a long time. He nailed it.

For the last half hour of the show he did a continous mix that lifted things up a notch or two, pushing the bpms and taking us on at journey with the likes of Artemesia’s “Bits N Pieces”, Moonman’s epic “Don’t Be Afraid”, by some little known DJ called Ferry Corsten, and Da Hool’s 1997 classic “Meet He...

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“(I Wanna Give You) Devotion” Back2Basics 23rd July, 2014.

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Nightcrawlers MK mixes

Contains the original Dub Of Doom mix from 1992

Being this into old school dance music takes devotion, especially when pretending to hold down a full-time job. I hadn’t heard Nomad’s (I Wanna Give You) Devotion for ages until this week and had forgotten how great it is. Lots of tracks around 1990 had UK rappers alongside female vocalists; some of them were terrible but some of them worked really well. Jazz & The Brother Grimm’s ‘Casanova’ is a great example as is Nomad’s most famous record. The track was given a new lease of life in 2006 by the Groove Diggerz, so the young audience should all recognise it.

As it’s quite balmy at the moment the show took on a Balearic holiday vibe. To me nothing somes up classic Ibiza than Orchestra JB’s “Free Spirit” from 1990...

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