• BBG "Snappiness" (Revisted)
  • Qattara "Qattara" (Steel mix)
  • Bomb The Bass "Megablast" (Escape From Precinct 13)
  • S.L.D "Gettin' Out" Extended Mix
  • Brainchild "Symmetry C"

Back2Basics, RTE Pulse

Back2Basics is Ireland’s only national old school show and the only all vinyl show on RTE, Ireland’s state broadcaster. If you have fond memories of acid house, classic Chicago house, nineties trance, or early rave music, then you’ll love Back2Basics. Presented by English DJ Simon Palmer, the shows airs every Wednesday at 11pm on RTE Pulse, RTE’s dance music station and the only national dance music station in Ireland.

RTE Pulse is digital radio stations, which is broadcast on digital DAB in Ireland. So if you’ve got a DAB radio at home or in the car then you’ll get access to terrific sound quality. RTE Pulse is also broadcast on the TV services provided by UPC and Saorview. On UPC click ‘Menu’ and instead of clicking ‘Guide’ click ‘Radio’ on the right; here you’ll find a list of radio channels; RTE’s FM services are at the top but if you scroll down you’l’ find RTE’s digital radio channels – RTE Pulse is channel 943. You can also listen to RTE Pulse via the main¬†website, just click ‘Radio’ and then on the RTE Pulse red logo. Or you can also listen via the RTE Player app and the TuneIn app. The whole archive of Back2Basics shows, since it moved to RTE in January 2014, is also on the RTE Player.

As they in the old school – peace out!